polyglot | Digital Collage + Poem, 2020

tongues for nations

languages and necessary expression

tongues for translation

interpreting someone else’s body

tongues for tracing and getting lost

tongues for finding the truth

tongues for Spirit to take over 

tongues for loss of control

for the things you didn’t want to say 

the languages you still want to learn

tongues for the lies, lies, lies and more lies

of a future i can psychically see

tongues of expansion 

and infinite states of mind 

resonances of other realms i can’t physically reach but my tongues…

tongues that open the gates of heaven 

tongues that speak life

into me, into you,

tongues of uncertainty 

tongues of dishonesty 

tongues that tell me never to go back 

there’s so much forward with the tongues, just use the tongues. 

tongues of a closed throat centre, tongues that still need to come out

come out blues, come out!

tongues that command and renounce where’s your power?

i said come out blues, come out! 

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